About me…

Hi! I’m a self-taught Cornish artist living in Wales. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting and would spend hours as a child drawing animals – especially cats! A little ironic, given that so many of my commissions now are of dogs!

Over time, I’ve experimented with many different types of art; from pastels to acrylics, to dabbling in digital art, but always come back to watercolours.

I’ve always been an animal lover, with pets forming a major part of my life, from the many cats I’ve owned to the sea monkeys I got far too attached to!

I understand the strong bond between a person and their pet, and this drives my desire to truly capture a pet’s personality in paint for their owner to treasure forever.

My pets

Back at home in Cornwall there are two little furballs demanding constant attention – our cats, Tali and Megan.

Tali was mine from a kitten, we found him for sale locally, advertised on the village notice board with the line, “loverly kittens for sale” (very Cornish!). He was the last of the litter when we went to see him and I am so glad that he was – I can’t imagine having chosen any other kitten. Despite getting on in years now, he still has all the attitude of a kitten – constantly wanting to play in the bathtub (I know?!) or be fussed over and fed.

Megan appeared in our lives one day when he took up living in a tree in our garden. After a long time of keeping an eye on him and realising that he never left our garden and stayed in the tree each night, he eventually made his way into the house where he has now become the most loving, but simultaneously most feral cat, I’ve ever known!

Commission A Pet Portrait

If you’d like to book in a painting of your pet, get in touch at petportraits@beckysandyart.com or on Facebook or Instagram!