Below you will find galleries featuring my latest commissions and paintings. By far the most popular pet I receive commissions for are dogs, however I’m working on expanding the range of pets I paint – I’ve been receiving a lot more cat commissions lately!

You’ll also find my Illustrations gallery which is where I will share any work I’ve done that isn’t a pet portrait. Usually this will be geeky fan art or cartoons, but will also include any non-pet commissions I’ve created.

Cat Portraits

Here you can see all of the cat portraits I’ve completed. Despite cats being my favourite pet and so many people owning one, for some reason I don’t get as many requests for these! I do notice that when I do get a cat commission though, they usually come in pairs! Not sure why, but … Continue reading Cat Portraits

Dog Portraits

Here you’ll find a selection of paintings I’ve done featuring dogs. These make up a good chunk of the commissions I receive and you’ll see I’ve painted a fair few different species, from Bulldogs to Springers to Tibetan Spaniels.  Commission A Pet Portrait

Other Pets

Here I’ve gathered the paintings I’ve done of other types of pet – very few at the moment but if you have a pet that isn’t a cat or dog and would like a commission, please don’t let that put you off! I’m really keen to get to paint other types of animal too! Commission … Continue reading Other Pets


Here you’ll find a few bits of art I’ve created when I haven’t had pets to paint! Usually this tends to be geeky fan art to be honest! But you’ll find all sorts in this gallery! Commission A Pet Portrait

Commission A Pet Portrait

If you’d like to book in a painting of your pet, get in touch at petportraits@beckysandyart.com or on Facebook or Instagram!